ABOUT US (Symphony’s Story)

Symphony Polymers helps the plastics go green and do all the talking and when it does so, the plastics that have gone through an organic transformation are indebted to tell their story! Their story from being a bane to becoming a boon after getting into the hands of their saviours, Symphony Polymers

In the early years of the 20th century, when we came to life as plastics, we were more than welcome and people went crazy over making us an indispensable part of their life. Our presence was made inevitable right from hospitals to households across the world. We were pampered till then until after century’s time when people started realising, we stay long over even after they leave the earth, and we degrade the environment releasing toxins over time. It’s for our rigidity we were brought into this world saying we would last for a long time and it’s for the same that we were cursed too. So, mistake was not wholly on us. Realising thus, when everyone was cursing us and banning us, Symphony Polymers who were already into the business of manufacturing polymers for years together, knew what to do exactly. They saw our positive aspects, retained it and tweaked us a bit to bring in change in us so that we are no more deterred.

Incepted in the year 2004 with Regd.Office at Delhi, India, Symphony Polymers has its branches in Bangalore and Chennai today. They now manufacture conventional polymers, compostable and oxo-biodegradable plastics. Symphony has various products, all in Oxo Biodegradable & Compostable Technology which are completely environment friendly. Adding value to us by giving the organic touch to our polymer structure. Symphony has become our saviours and that of environment too. They are always on a constant urge to better than the best and come up with economical and sustainable solutions for a greener environment.

Why Choose Us


Decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing polymers, Symphony knows how to get the best out of each monomer, be it in the make or utility. Symphony simply translates to professionalism and ethics when it comes to business.

Quality Assurance

The certifications ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 talk for itself on the quality of Symphony’s. But what makes them unique is they are always in the lookout for bettering than the best which keeps them ahead in the race of changing times.


The recyclable and eco-friendly products have been Symphony’s great strength in establishing a huge client base over the continent. They tirelessly work on finding out ways where their products can be made more sustainable while environment and economy can stand at par for the best.

Dedicated Team

Skilled staff with time to time training excelling in their respective areas, the dedicated work of the team reflects in their endeavours and consequent success in building the products to international standards. Contribution from every one of the team is considered paramount for Symphony’s success.

Scientific Temper

Symphony’s strong stand on getting multiple tests, checks and experiments done with a dedicated team of professionals makes them an accountable business partner for their high-quality products. Their products meet the norms of the government and other International standards, thanks to their undeterred scientific temper.


When it comes to safety of the employees or the environment, Symphony has a strict, no-compromise attitude. With time to time training on safety measures and adequate equipment, employees find it safe at Symphony.

Our Executive Team

Mr. Mahendra Jain

Managing Director

Mr. Praveen Jain


Mrs. Rekha Jain


Mrs. Jyoti Sawhney

Branch Head. Delhi

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